Our design philosophy is simple: what you want plus the skills and experience we bring to the table makes for site designs that do everything you could ever want, and look great while doing it.

We offer contract and hourly rates with special non-profit pricing. We will also provide webmaster services at an hourly rate. We are fair and honest in our billing.

We closely follow the latest trends in web design and online identity development. We have moved to an entirely open-source workflow to that we can keep our costs down and rapidly transition to new trends. You can be sure that you are getting tight, clean designs with easily modified code.

Want Flash? Are you really sure your want Flash? Ok, if you're sure you want the hassle and the cost we can do that. We can implement Flash on your site to any degree you'd like. Want an intro or a flash menu? Want a fully functional, all Flash site that's easy to use and update? We can do all this and still sound like used-car salesmen.

We offer:
Free Consultations Personal communication Sarcasm to spare
Flash, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, PHP, DHTML, SQL, XML, some other stuff